During the summer of 2014, Hensley's began sponsoring a race series at Shenandoah Speedway in Shenandoah Virginia (located just outside of Elkton).
The race is a "Spectator Drag."  In this style of racing, two spectator drivers go wheel-to-wheel in a best two out of three elimination. The winner goes on to the next round.  
The rules are simple:
        1***Vehicle must be street legal
        2***Drivers must wear seat belt and helmet
        3***No touching other vehicles in the race

The prizes are funded by Hensley's and are as follows:

**********************First place driver gets a trophy and a $50 cash prize**********************
*******************Second and third place drivers each get a $20 cash prize*******************
The races have been fun for the drivers and entertaining for the crowds.
Come join us, or even better, enter your car to win!

click below to view pdf file of the full rules

Vivian Hensley,
Jul 27, 2014, 8:57 AM