Our History

After working in radiator repair for twenty years, Dennis Hensley started Hensley's Radiator Service in the building shown above, then at 6th and Levy. Before 1960, Hensley's become a G&O Manufacturing distributor, a company making cores for radiators and heaters.

Over the years, Dennis' children and wife came to work at Hensley's making it truly a family business. When you call or visit Hensley's today you will find Dennis' daughter Judy Burcham- VP and Office Manager; ; Judy's husband, Troy Burcham- is a master radiator specialist.  Fred Hensley Sr. -Dennis' youngest son, serves as Service Manager and operates Tubes N' Hoses.  We also proudly employ Harvey Shifflett.

As automotive technology has progressed, so have the skills of the mechanics at Hensley's and the technologies employed in keeping Charlottesville's vehicles running. Of special note, Hensley's has provided exceptional air conditioning service over the last several decades.

Highlights of Hensley's:

  • Several of their mechanics are ASE certified
  • Fred has served on the CATEC Advisory Board for several years
  • Fred is DOT certified for brake-hose fabrication
  • All mechanics are certified for refrigerant recovery